Fund Purchases

1946 - 1956One Million Volt Treatment Machine$50,344
1957 - 1966Stationery Colbalt Treatment Machine$41,470
Eldorado Cobalt Treatment Machine$43,000
Radium Equipment & Accessories$23,716
Two Million Volt Machine$50,000
Fellowship Research$9,800
1967 - 1976Biplane Radioisotope Scanner$40,000
Thermo Luminescent Dosimetry$6,300
Salary - Research Therapy Trainee$2,400
Calibration Equipment & Phantom$7,363
RT Tech Students & Research Tech. $10,000
Picker C-9 Rotational Cobalt-60 Treatment Unit$80,000
Monitor Equipment$8,125
Sagittaire 40 MeV Linear Accelerator$750,000
Physics Equipment$66,645
Radiobiology Research-Microwave Therapy$81,445
Student Cancer Training$7,200
Physics Equipment,Radium Safe,Sources,etc.$28,269
One MeV General Electric Treatment Machine$57,000
Treatment Simulator$149,141
1977 - 1986RT Tech Student$7,200
Cancer Research Lab - Clinical Build. 64,092x5yr$320,459
Radioisotope Lab Eq.,Flow,Gamma & Beta Cnt. $150,000
Hyperthermia & Interstitial Equipment$150,000
Treatment Simulator$52,200
RT Kirley Library$5,000
Scanditronix Microtron M22 Linear Accelerator$909,990
1987 - 1996Hyperthermia & Research Equipment$173,935
Research Building Improvements$150,000
Department Entry Doors$12,337
Proton Project - Cyclotron, Bloomington$150,000
Moving Treatment Table - Bone Marrow Trans.$18,000
1997 - 2006Gamma Knife and Stereotactic Body Frame$1,000,000
Radiobiology Research Equipment$40,790
2007 - 2016Resident's Researh Grant - Senior Residents$50,000
Lion's Cancer Surviviorship Endowment -
Young Adult Cancer Clinic, 447,486 to present,8/2018
Patient Fund - Retricted Fund to present$2,500
Lodging - Restricted Housing Fund to present$43,947
2017 - 2018Three-Diminsional Printer Research
Radiobiology Researh Support-Mendonca Lab