New Cases for Cancers

Estimated Number* of New Cases for Selected Cancers – Indiana, US, 2018

Selected CancersEstimated Number*
All sites37,250
Female Breast5,630
Uterine Cervix290
Colon & Rectum3,190
Uterine Corpus1,400
Lung & Bronchus5,840
Melanoma - Skin1,900
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma1,600
Urinary Bladder1,740

*Rounded to the nearest 10. Excludes basal and squamous cell skin cancers and in situ carcinomas except for urinary bladder. The estimate is fewer than 50 cases. These estimates are offered as a rough guide and should be interpreted with caution. State estimates may not sum to US total due to rounding and exclusion of state estimates fewer than 50 cases. Note: Estimated cases for additional cancer sites by state can be found in Supplemental Data at ©2018, American Cancer Society, Inc., Surveillance Research